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Privacy policy

Respect for user privacy is of the utmost importance to us; for this reason we wish to explain how the information we collect on users is used and describe the methods with which they can protect their privacy.

  1. User information/data collected by Dropin:

    Dropin gathers user information/data in different ways:

    1. Information provided by the User.

      To use the majority of our services the user is required to register and create an account. For registration purposes we ask for personal information/data including name, surname and e-mail address.

    2. Information which the User decides to share

      The user information gathered by Dropin also includes information which is shared intentionally; for example, when the User adds a new contact, or he makes a comment on a musical track, he adds himself to a group, or updates his profile with personal information.

    3. User information shared by others

      Dropin receives information on the User from his contacts or, for example, when in the profile the User describes his musical tastes, or when the User adds himself to a group.

    4. Other user information received by Dropin

      Dropin also receives other types of user information.

      Each time the User interacts with Dropin, data is received on him. This occurs, for example, when the User visits the profile of another user, sends a message to someone, looks for a contact or listens to a musical track, or purchases a musical track.

      Dropin may receive data from the computer, mobile phone or mobile device which the User uses to access the services offered. These data can include the IP address of the user, his position, the type of browser he uses or the pages he visits. For example, Dropin may become acquainted with the GPS position of the user to communicate if any of his friends are nearby.

      Dropin may receive user data from its advertising partners, clients or other third parties who cooperate with Dropin, for example to publish ads.

    5. Public information

      The term “public information” (or “Information visible to everyone”) means the information which the User decides to make public or visible to everyone, or also to anyone who is not registered with Dropin, as well as the information which is always publicly available.

    6. Information which the user decides to make public

      If the User chooses to make his information public, everyone, including the people who are not registered with Dropin, will see it.

    7. Name

      Thanks to the name, the potential new contacts of the User can find the User more easily. If the User does not want to share his true name, he can always disable or delete his account.

    8. User name and user ID

      In this way the User can provide a personalised link to his profile or Page, receive messages on his Dropin address and interact with other users on the Platform.

  2. Access to personal data and updates

    When a User uses the services offered by Dropin, he can freely access his personal data.

    In the event of incorrect personal data, by means of a specific and simple mechanism, the User can quickly update his own data or delete them, expect where Dropin must store them for legitimate commercial or legal purposes. In the event of updating personal data, Dropin reserves the right to ask the user to verify his identity before satisfying his request.

    Dropin can also refuse repeated unreasonable requests, which imply an excessive technical commitment, or which put at risk the privacy of other people or, again, impractical requests.

    In the event that it is possible to allow access to the information and its correction, Dropin will allow the user to do so freely, except for the case in which this is excessively demanding. Dropin tries to manage its services in a way that protects the information from accidental or fraudulent destruction. For this reason, following deletion of the information by the User, Dropin may not immediately delete the copies of the remaining information from its active servers and may not remove the information from its backup systems.

  3. User name and User ID

    A User Name is a personalised link to the User’s profile which the same can share with people or publish on external Websites.
    If the User has selected a User Name, this will always be displayed in the URL of his profile page. If the User has not selected a User Name, the URL of his profile page will contain the User ID required to identify his Dropin account.
    If someone knows the User Name or User Id of a person, he can use it to access the information of that person through Dropin.

  4. Password

    Upon registration, the User will be requested to choose a password. The User is the only person responsible for maintaining the password confidential. The User undertakes never to use the account, user name, e-mail address or the password of other Users and not to disclose his password to third parties. The User also undertakes to immediately inform Dropin if he suspects that unauthorised access has been made to his account or his password. The User is the only person responsible for his account, in any shape and form.

  5. Deleting and disabling the account

    If the User wants to stop using his account, he can disable or delete it.

    When the User disables his account, it remains suspended. The other users will no longer see his profile, but Dropin will not delete any of its information. In short, disabling the account means asking Dropin not to eliminate any information in its possession, as the User may want to reactivate his account in future. The User may disable his account from the account settings page.

    When the User deletes his account, this is permanently deleted by Dropin. A month is usually required to delete the account, but information could be stored in backup copies and registers. The User is advised to delete his account only if he is certain he does not want to re-enable it ever again.
    The User can delete its account from the Account Settings page.

  6. Notifications

    Dropin can send the user notifications and other messages by using the contact information in its possession, such as the e-mail address of the user.

    The users can control the majority of the notifications which they receive through the notifications settings.

  7. Search contacts

    Dropin offers different tools to allow its users to find new contacts (e.g. for shared musical interests or persons residing in the vicinity), as well as to invite real-life contacts which have not registered yet to do so.

  8. Cookies and anonymous identifiers

    Dropin uses different technologies to gather and store the information when a User uses one of the services offered by the portal, including the sending of one or more cookies or anonymous identifiers to the user’s device.

    Cookies are small portions of data which are stored on the pc, telephone or other device of the user to make Dropin easy to access, improve advertising and protect himself.

    The User is free to remove or block the cookies (e.g. using the specific setting present in his browser), but this could compromise the use of Dropin.

    These technologies, cookies and anonymous identifiers, are also used by Dropin when the user interacts with the services offered to external collaborators and partners, such as advertising services or applications which could be available on other websites.

  9. Methods of using collected data

    Dropin uses the information received from the User in relation to its services and the functions it offers to all users.

    To allow the user to locate other users registered with Dropin whom he already knows in real life, Dropin allows the user to search among the registered users using name and surname or e-mail address.

    Dropin also allows users to examine some profile data to have elements on which to establish a contact with registered users (e.g. type of musical instrument played, music genre they belong to).

    Dropin also allows registered users to make public several elements contained in their profile data, if they wish to do so. The search engines can index the part of the profile of the registered user (including the profile data contained in it) which the same has chosen to make public.

    If the User has given his consent to receiving promotional material or ads from Dropin, the latter can periodically send communications relating to the services offered to his e-mail address. If the User no longer wishes to receive such communications from Dropin, he can amend the settings of his profile from the "Account Settings" function or follow the instructions at the bottom of the e-mail to be removed from the list of recipients of the communications.

    Employees, people in charge and consultants of Dropin may obtain access to user data only for reasons connected to their duties or professional services.

    Dropin may share user data with those who cooperate in management activities or who carry out activities for the services offered or with external consultants, people in charge or sponsors who cooperate in managing the musical competitions, promotions, etc.

    These consultants, people in charge or external sponsors may temporarily store some user data on their own servers, but they are in any case authorised to use these data solely to provide Dropin with a specific service.

    Dropin can also communicate user data to third parties in the event that the user has chosen to receive specific information and has been informed that to satisfy this request it is necessary to disclose his data to others. Dropin also has the power to share user data with connected companies if it has reason to do so to manage the activities and the services it offers.

    Dropin can personalise the ads and marketing messages which the user displays, also availing of external companies. The profile data of the user can be shared with these external companies only to allow them to personalise the ads. In fact, Dropin forbids these companies to disclose the profile data of the user to third parties or to use them for any other purpose.

    Furthermore, situations may occur in which Dropin accesses and discloses profile data of the user without offering him any option, in order to: protect the rights or property of Dropin, of the connected companies, or of their employees, people in charge or consultants; protect the safety of the users of services of the portal or of people of the public, also in emergency situations; protect itself from frauds or for risk management purposes; to comply with the law or with a legal proceeding.

    Furthermore, if Dropin should assign all or part of its activity, or rather all or a considerable part of its assets, or if it were in any case the object of a merger or assignment of all or a considerable part of its activities, Dropin can assign user data to the counterparty or to the counterparties within the scope of the operation concluded.

    Each registered user who chooses to enter profile data intended to be publically disclosed is responsible for verifying that the information published complies with the data protection laws in force in his country. Dropin is not responsible for information published by registered users.

  10. Data protection: Protection of the confidentiality of User data

    Dropin takes suitable precautionary measures, in relation to the administrative, technical, human and physical resources to protect user data and the data relating to the credit cards in their possession from the possibility of loss, theft, as well as unauthorised use, disclosure or modification Furthermore, Dropin avails of suitable methods to guarantee that user data is accurate, updated and complete for the purposes to which it is allocated.

  11. Transparency and freedom of choice

    Dropin will ask the user’s consent before using his data in a way that does not comply with the purposes for which they were provided or to disclose these data to third parties not connected with Dropin.

    The primary goal of Dropin is to provide transparency and clarity to users on the data which is gathered to allow them to decide in an informed way on the methods of use of these data.

    display and modify the preferences relating to ads; select the contacts with whom to share information;

  12. Protection of information

    Dropin endeavours to protect the information provided by users in the best possible way, protect its users from unauthorised access to information in its possession and from unauthorised alteration, disclosure and destruction of such information.

  13. Application of the rules

    These privacy rules are valid for all the services offered by Dropin, including the services offered on other sites (like advertising services), but not for services with separate privacy rules which do not include the current privacy rules.

    Furthermore, these privacy rules are not valid for services offered by other companies or people, or for other sites which the services offered by Dropin can refer to.

    Dropin undertakes to regularly verify compliance with these privacy rules.

    In the event of receipt of any formal privacy related complaints, Dropin undertakes to contact those who have presented them and to find a solution.

    To settle any formal privacy-related complaints which are not resolved directly with the users, Dropin will contact the competent authorities delegated to protecting personal data.

  14. Modifications to the rules

    These privacy rules could be subject to occasional modifications.

    Any modifications to this privacy policy will be published in this page. If the modifications are important, the same will be signalled with a specific notification (by e-mail) so that users are clearly and understandably advised in advance.